Apple announces iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iOS 7

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Apple promised to “brighten everyone’s day” with today’s new product launch, and they didn’t disappoint.

Here’s the ExchangeMyPhone rundown of the many highlights from Cupertino:

The first new feature to be announced was the iOS 7.

iPhone iOS7

Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, promised that “iOS 7 will quickly become the world’s most popular operating system.” It will be released on September 18th and Apple is projecting to have 700 million iOS devices sold by the end of the month.
iWork will come free with all new iOS devices along with over 200 new features, including iTunes Radio – Apple’s answer to Pandora.

Moving along quickly, Tim went on to introduce the eager audience to 2 new phone designs (to replace the iPhone5):

1) iPhone 5C
Essentially a plastic and colorful iPhone5 for $99. In the words of Apple’s Senior Vice President of Design, Jony Ive, the “iPhone 5C is beautifully, unapologetically plastic.” The phone comes in green, white, blue, pink and yellow.

iPhone 5C

It is more fun and more colorful but “made with all the incredible technology of the iPhone 5.” The phone has a A6 processor (same as the iPhone 5), the same 8-megapixel rear-camera, a larger battery than the iPhone 5 and a brand new FaceTime HD camera on the front (including larger 1.9u pixels and backside illumination). The phone supports more LTE bands than any other smartphone in the world.

Apple has also created custom cases with a “soft-feel silicon rubber.” They are $29 each and environmentally friendly.

iPhone5C covers

The next up was the much-hyped…

2) iPhone 5S
Phil Schiller describes it as “the most forward thinking phone anyone has ever made.”
It comes it silver, gold, and a “new space gray” (aka slate).

iPhone 5S

We will get to the wealth of features below but most exciting is the Touch ID fingerprint scanner, “You can simply touch your home button to unlock your phone”. Forget trying to remember passcodes, the iPhone 5S “uses a key you have everywhere you go”.

iPhone 5S fingerprint scanner

The iPhone 5S is also 5 times faster than the iPhone 5 with a new A7 processor that packs faster performance and better graphics. It has the first ever 64-bit chip on a smartphone.

There is also an M7 “motion co-processor” that measures the accelerometer, compass, and gyroscope. It can tell apps if you’re stationary, walking, driving, etc and Nike is already taking advantage of it with a new app called “Nike+ Move.”
The battery life is improved, with up to 250 hours on standby.

The phones also sports a new iSight camera, a five-element Apple-designed lens with an F2.2 aperture. When you take a photo, it actually takes multiple photos and picks the best.

iPhone5S iSight camera

The iPhone 5 is gone but you can upgrade to the iPhone4S for free.


What do you think?! You can pre-order on Friday September 13th.

If you’re as excited as we are, and want to get your hands on the new iPhone 5C or iPhone 5S, why not upgrade and sell your old smartphone today?

Tech News: The Hottest iPhone Rumors Of The Summer

Posted on August 26, 2013 | Apple, cell phone, iPhone, Mac, mobile, Tech tips
It’s that time of year and the rumor mill is spinning nonstop.  No, we’re not talking about heading back to school we’re talking about the dizzying, high expectations of Apple’s newest iPhone, said to be hitting stores early September.  If you haven’t been tuned into the tech grapevine this summer we’re here to fill you in on the most popular rumors that just might be true.

1. The new, cheap iPhone 5C
This seems to be the whisper that won’t go away.  Pundits, techies and analysts alike have been predicting since last year that a wallet-friendly addition to the iPhone family was on it’s way. Experts tend to agree that a more affordable iPhone would be the necessary catalyst for Apple product proliferation in the  global marketplace, especially in countries like China.  It is believed that this new phone could possibly replace the 4S and would be a pared down model without features like Siri.  It would be made of plastic, versus the aluminum and metal materials used for the iPhone 5 and retail around $199, with a contract.

iPhone 5C
2. Fingerprint I.D.
Last year Apple acquired AuthenTech, famous for their fingerprint-sensor technology, for three hundred and fifty million dollars.  This move made waves, and now many predict that Apple will put their new purchase to use in iPhones and possibly tablets. This would predictably change the face of device security as fingerprints would eclipse passwords.  Experts are predicting this iPhone would be dubbed the 5S.

3. Shades of things to come
Remember those now vintage iBooks and desktops that came in a rainbow of colors? We know that, on occasion, Apple does dabble in different areas of the color wheel – as we saw more recently with iPod minis.  One of the rumors getting the most attention is the iPhone Gold, which is exactly what it sounds like, and would represent a total visual departure from what we know as the iPhone brand.

iPhone gold
4.  Best of both worlds?
There’s a growing opinion, or perhaps wishful thinking, that this fall Apple will do what it’s never done before and release two new phones, both the 5C and 5S, simultaneously.  Could that be hoping for too much?
What rumor are you banking on? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

Tech Tips: 5 Way To Maximize Your iPhone’s Battery

Dim Things Down

One of the simplest ways to maximize battery life without compromising user experience is to dim down the brightness of the screen light: the lower the light the more effectively you are using your device.  Just use the handy slider to test out different degrees of light intensity.

Settings – Brightness – Wallpaper

Skip the Bluetooth

Wireless transmission of data really puts a drain on your battery, especially during large chunks of the day when you may not need this feature (like when you aren’t using your headset/earpiece or are using your computer/tablet or primary device).  By switching Bluetooth off you can extend your battery life significantly.

Setting – Bluetooth – Off

The DIY Approach

Your iPhone is programmed, by default, to fetch data automatically (this is called “Push” in apple terms).  While this is perfect for getting email instantly, it is no always necessary and uses a lot of battery power.  By fetching your emails manually, you can receive mail only when you want to read it and enjoy a much longer battery life.  This approach is a user favorite and has made a big difference for many iPhone users.  Checking your mail manually on an iPhone 5 is even easier than tapping “refresh”: simply pull down the top of the browser and the page updates!

Settings – Mail – Contacts – Calenders – Fetch New Data. Here, you can turn off Push completely, schedule it for intervals of your choice or, select “Manual”.

Curb Your 3G Use

If you have an iPhone 3G or later model you know the joys of a very fast 3G of 4G LTE network connection.  But this faster browse-ability comes at a battery cost.  If you are in a bind and not trying to load webpages turning off your 3G/4G LTE connection will help you avoid that that red battery icon no one likes to see.

Settings – General – Slide Enable 3G to “Off” on some models or Enable LTE to “Off” on the iPhone 5 or newer

Bring Airplane Mode Down to Earth

Contrary to popular belief, Airplane Mode isn’t only for jet-setting, it is a setting that can save your battery!  Remember, this mode disables all data services, translation: no calls, texts or data. So its really best if you are just saving enough juice of a quick call in the near future.

Setting – Airplane Mode “On”

How do I delete the data from my iPad?

Posted on February 06, 2013 | Apple, iPad, Mac, resale, tablet, Tech tips

The latest, memory-rich iPad has just hit the shelves. Did you decide to upgrade? Perhaps you were inspired by all the tablet chatter on the internet to trade in your old iPad and use the money to subsidize a newer model.

Whatever your reason, we have created a very simple, step-by-step process explaining the best way to delete the data from your iPad so it is ready for re-sale.

1. Start up your iPad and go Settings > General. Then scroll down to Reset.

2. Tap on Erase All Content and Settings.

3. Enter your passcode (if you have one).

4. Tap Erase.

All done! It couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is restart your iPad to confirm that it has all been wiped.

Now that you’ve cleared your data you can safely sell your iPad or pass it on to some you really like.

If you have a few smartphones lying around that you’d like to wipe, ready for resale or re-gifting, check out our how-to posts on erasing data from iPhones and erasing data from Blackberrys.

One last question – do I have to delete the data myself if I send my device to ExchangeMyPhone?
Most people want to stay on top of deleting their own data, and we are happy to offer these explanations.  Of course, here at ExchangeMyPhone our standard procedure includes total immediate data wiping for all products received. So, if you are sending a phone or device to us here at ExchangeMyPhone, there’s no need to worry about doing it wrong or having sent a device with data still on it – we’ll always double-check and rewipe.

If you’ve any questions, please feel free to ask them in the comments section below.

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How to delete data from an iPhone

Posted on January 09, 2013 | cell phone, How to, iPhone, Mac, mobile, phone, smartphone, Tech tips

Question: I want to sell my old iPhone in anticipation of buying a new one. How can I delete my iPhone data for good?

Answer: Erasing your data from a smartphone couldn’t be easier, just follow our step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Back up your iPhone’s data

You will probably want to restore all your personal data on to your new phone when you get it, so it’s best to take a backup before you erase everything.

Depending on which version of iOS you’re using, and your sync preferences, you’ll either backup to your computer or Apple’s iCloud service.

Back Up via iCloud:

iCloud automatically backs up most of the important data on your iPhone (running on iOS 5 or higher) on a daily basis but here is how to take one final, manual backup:

Ensure you’re connected to a Wi-Fi network.

1. Launch the Settings app
2. Navigate to iCloud > Storage & Backup
3. Tap on Back Up Now

This can take several minutes depending on when your iPhone was last backed up to iCloud.

Back Up via iTunes:

1. Connect your iPhone to the computer that you normally sync it with.
2. Open iTunes and select your iPhone under Devices in the left-hand navigation pane.
3. Right-click (or Control-click) the device and select Back Up.

Step 2: Delete data and settings

If you have a newer iOS gadget, this process should take only a few minutes to complete. If you have an earlier model, it might take an hour or more. Make sure the gadget is plugged in or has a full battery before you begin. Otherwise, you might have to start all over.

1. Launch Settings app. Tap on ‘General’

Delete data and settings - step 1

2. Scroll down to the bottom and tap on ‘Reset’

Delete data and settings - step 2

3. Tap on “Erase All Content and Settings” option

4. If you’ve set a passcode, it will prompt you to enter the passcode. After entering the passcode, it will prompt you one last time if you want to delete data and settings from your iPhone.

5. Tap on ‘Erase iPhone’ button

Delete data and settings - step 3

All done! Once you’ve deleted your iPhone, it will restart and you’ll have an iPhone with all new settings and a completely empty memory. From here you can:

1. Sell it or trade it in
2. Send it for repairs
3. Give it to your best mate

One last question – do I have to delete the data myself if I send my phone to ExchangeMyPhone?
Most people want to stay on top of deleting their own data, and we are happy to offer these explanations.  Of course, here at ExchangeMyPhone our standard procedure includes total immediate data wiping for all products received. So, if you are sending a phone to us here at ExchangeMyPhone, there’s no need to worry about doing it wrong or having sent a device with data still on it – we’ll always double-check and rewipe.

If you’ve any questions, please feel free to ask them in the comments section below.

Smartphone holiday gift guide

Posted on December 12, 2012 | Android, cell phone, iPhone, Mac, mobile, money saving, phone, smartphone

Are there any gadget junkies you know who would love a new smartphone under the tree? Whether you’re on a tight budget or fancy splurging on something extra special, check out our list for the best mobiles you can buy:



The HTC One X for AT&T combines excellent performance, a fantastic camera and one of the best displays on the market. It is packaged in a stunning handset and is set to get even better with an upgrade to Android 4.

Price: $0.01 (AT&T) or $20 (Sprint) at Amazon Wireless.


Motorola Droid RAZR M

The Droid RAZR M has a speedy dual-core processor, dependable battery life and a fantastic camera. The HD display is a bit sub-premium and there are better video cameras but, for the price, it is an incredibly well-rounded phone.

Price: $0.01 (Verizon) at Amazon Wireless.

Motorola Droid RAZR M

Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G

The Galaxy S Blaze 4G comes 3rd in the budget contenders, but it is excellent value for T-Mobile customers. The phone offers robust performance, long battery life, excellent call quality and a respectable camera.

Price: $20 (T-Mobile) at Wirefly.

Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G


Galaxy S III

The Galaxy S III is an excellent smartphone and has the advantage of being available from all the major national carriers. The phone boasts a spacious display, an excellent camera, fantastic performance and solid battery life. Better yet, like the One X, the Galaxy S III is set to receive an upgrade to Jelly Bean in the near future.

Price: $40 (Sprint), $100 (AT&T) or $60 (Verizon) at Amazon Wireless; $200 (T-Mobile) from Wirefly.

Galaxy S III

Motorola Droid RAZR HD

One of the most anticipated smartphones to debut this season, the Droid RAZR HD for Verizon Wireless is a huge improvement on the original Droid RAZR. It boasts incredible performance, a higher-resolution display and excellent battery life.

Price: $150 at Amazon Wireless.

Motorola Droid RAZR HD

Nokia Lumia 920

The Lumia 920 deserves special consideration for its camera which boasts a floating lens, a sensor that brings unparalleled image stabilization and great low-light performance.

Price: $70 at Amazon Wireless.

Nokia Lumia 920


iPhone 5

Available for AT&T, Sprint, Verizon and a number of regional carriers, Apple’s latest offering ranks among the most sought-after smartphones of the year. Exceptional performance, a top-notch display, good battery life and an excellent camera are all wrapped up in beautiful hardware. If you decide to plump for the 32GB or 64GB model, the lucky recipient will be able to fill it with all their favorite movies, music and photos.

Price: $199 (16GB), $299 (32GB) or $399 (64GB) from Apple.

iPhone 5

Samsung Galaxy Note II

The Note II is among the leaders in terms of sheer performance. It also has a spacious HD display, an amazing camera and the S Pen (which lets you quickly jot down notes and annotate photos).

Price: $230 (Sprint), $250 (AT&T) at Amazon Wireless; $280 (Verizon), $300 (T-Mobile) at Wirefly.

Samsung Galaxy Note II

Nexus 4

For Android fans, it is hard to bet the Nexus 4 whose display and camera are miles ahead of the previous Galaxy Nexus.

Price: $299 (8GB) or $349 (16GB) from Google.

Nexus 4

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Gift guide for the smartphone lover on your list

Posted on December 05, 2012 | Android, cell phone, iPad, iPhone, Mac, mobile, smartphone, tablet, Tech tips

In time for the holiday season we have put together our top 5 gifts for the smartphone fanatic in your life. If they’re a true tech lover, we’re guessing that they already own the latest Apple, Android  or Windows products, so we have scoured the web for the best gadgets to complement their phones and tablets. Whoever they are, we hope we have something they’ll like:

The vintage collector

This amazing creation from the folks at Restoration Hardware is not cheap but we think it is pretty amazing for any iPad or iPhone owner who spends their Sundays trolling flea markets. You just set the device in the solid walnut dock and the metal gramophone horn will boost its volume by three to four times. All without any need for electricity.

The Eco-Maven

This beautiful FM radio has a MP3 output so you can easily hook it up to your iPod or iPhone. The internals are housed in a minimalist card structure that can be easily recycled when the product reaches the end of its life.

The Movie Buff

The perfect gift for anyone who travels often and loves the idea of on-the-go entertainment (parents with young kids will love you forever). This pocket projector attaches to your iPhone 4 or 4S device to display crisp video anywhere, onto any surface.

The safe-keeper

In everyone’s family there always seems to be someone who walks around with a janitor-like key chain. Why not give them a gift that gets rid of that gangling weight in their pockets? Enter the Lockitron. This amazing new software lets users electronically unlock doors anywhere from their home to their car and their gym locker, using any type of phone from anywhere in the world.

The traveler

Anyone who travels often knows what a pain it can be to pack all the cables needed for their various gadgets. The Juice Buddy is the world’s smallest charger and it eliminates the need to cart around any iPhone cables. The little box just attaches to your key chain and provides an iPhone charger wherever and whenever you need it most. Simply plug it directly into the wall and then dock your iPhone in the top.

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Sparx iPhone 5 Notification Case

Posted on November 14, 2012 | cell phone, iPhone, Mac, mobile, smartphone, Tech tips

There is something about a ringing phone that jolts me and I tend to keep my phone on silent whenever possible. Although it works well most of the time, my strategy’s not flawless: I regularly miss calls and, if I loose my phone in one of my enormous handbags, there’s no hope of ringing it to see where it’s hiding.

So I was very excited to learn about a new Kickstarter project that turns the iPhone 5 into a notification alert light.

Sparx is a protective case that lights up when you receive a notification, night or day. Sparx draws on the iOS’s  “LED Flash for Alerts” feature but makes some pretty large improvements. Normally, the flash alert feature works only if your iPhone 5 is face down and the camera’s flash is face up. However, by creating a translucent hex window in the upper corner, Sparx updates the flash feature so you can vividly see when you receive a phone call, text, email or other notification no matter what orientation your iPhone 5 is in.

Whether it is going to the movies or simply keeping track of your phone in your screamingly silent office, most of us have someone situation in our lives when we would like to see notifications on our phone but not hear them.

If you like the Sparx case make sure to go over to their Kickstarter campaign and help them raise the hefty $50,000 they need to launch. Once you back the project, you’ll have the choice of their iPhone 5 case colors, including Black, Burnt, Blue, Pink, Green, Yellow, and Grey. Each case color includes a preset glow frame color and, for those who buy more than one, you have the option of mixing and matching all the 4 interchangeable Sparx parts.

See Also: 10 iPhone 5 cases you’ll love

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Christmas for Mac Enthusiasts – iPad mini and more

Posted on October 24, 2012 | Amazing tech, iPad, Mac, Tech tips, Upgrade, Weigh In

Yesterday, at the California Theater in San Jose, Apple CEO Tim Cook and Vice President of marketing Phil Schiller took the stage to unveil their highly anticipated, pint-sized iPad Mini. However, that wasn’t all. To the oohs and ahhs of the audience, they also announced an upgrade on the iPad and revealed a whole host of new Macs.

With the unveiling of so many goodies, here’s our rundown of the latest Apple gadgets:

iPad Mini:

The smaller iPad has a 7.9-inch display with a 1024 x 768 resolution. It is 7.2 millimeters thick, 0.63 pounds, comes in white and slate black. The insides of the iPad Mini are on par with Apple’s other mobile devices, including a new processor called the A5, the Lightning connector and a 5-megapixel camera. With a starting price of $329 for the 16GB Wi-Fi model, the tablet is the least expensive iPad ever made.

But how does it stack up against the competition? At the event, Mr. Schiller did a side-by-side comparison of the Mini to Google’s Nexus 7 tablet. He noted that the iPad Mini was thinner, lighter and more durable than Google’s tablet, and still had a bigger screen.

However, Apple’s competition is certainly fierce. Google Nexus 7 tablet costs $200 (about $130 less than the iPad Mini) and has a higher resolution screen than the Mini. Amazon recently introduced seven new Kindles, including a 7-inch tablet for $160 and an 8.9-inch tablet for $300 (it is also expected to launch its 10-inch Kindle Fire next month). Barnes and Noble’s Nook tablet, which starts at $200, has also sold well. Not to be out-done Microsoft is releasing its own tablet, the Surface, on Friday.

4th Generation iPad:

According to Tim Cook, Apple has sold 84 million iPads since their debut in April 2010. Their latest upgrade features an A6X processor, 5 megapixel iSight camera, expanded LTE chipset, front-facing camera with FaceTime and 720p video capture, faster Wi-Fi, and Lightening connector. The new iPad is priced at $499 for a 16 GB model, $629 for a 16 GB model with 4G LTE.


Apple also introduced a family of new Macs, including upgrades for the MacBook Pro, iMac and Mac Mini. The 13-inch MacBook Pro notebook includes a high-resolution Retina display (similar to the display technology on the current iPads and iPhones) and is 20 percent thinner, and a pound lighter, than the previous generation. It will start at $1,700. They also described updates to the company’s Mac Mini and iMac, with the latter becoming a razor-thin (80% thinner and 8 pounds lighter than its predecessor) all-in-one computer that starts at $1,299.

What do you think? Are you excited to get your hands on the newest Apple gadgets?

Don’t forget, we purchase iPads so, if you’re looking to buy a new iPad Mini or iPad, come to us first and sell your old devices to subsidize your upgrade.

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How to setup your new iPhone 5 like a pro

You got a new iPhone 5. You’ve done the celebratory dance and ripped open the packaging, but now what?

From the looks of things, the bulk of this year’s iPhone buyers are converts who have switched over from Android or BlackBerry. So we have put together this guide to get the newbies started, and give a few tips and tricks to the Apple veterans out there:

1. Email setup

This couldn’t be easier. Go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, and Calendars. From there, you can add several accounts. The process is automated for each different email provider, you just have to enter your username, password, and a label for that mailbox that only you can see (personal, work etc).

If you want to save battery power, select Fetch. This means that your iPhone will scan for new emails at regular intervals. If you choose Manually, your new email will only load when you touch the Mail app. If you’re an email junkie and need to stay in touch every minute, select Push. This means that new emails will automatically load on your iPhone as soon as they arrive.

2. If you only install one app…

…make it Find My Phone. We have all been known to drop our phone down the sofa cushions, leave it in a cab or worry that someone has nicked it. When you set up your phone make sure you create an iCloud account. Once you have that ready, the Find My Phone app can track your phone to a cross street at all times. You just go online at to locate and retrieve it.

3. Safeguard your privacy

First things first, you should set a password. Go to Settings > General and select Passcode Lock. Second, if you don’t want advertisers spying on your iPhone activity go into Settings > About > Advertising and switch Limit Ad Tracking to the On position. This way advertisers will no longer be able to bombard you with targeted ads and you won’t sending advertisers information about your movements and smartphone usage.

4. Back up, reset and wipe your old iPhone

If you are selling your old phone, you will want to back up everything you have and then wipe all your personal data (rest assured every phone sent to ExchangeMyPhone is double-checked and wiped of all personal data during the inspection process).

Backup: Connect your iPhone to your computer via Apple’s USB sync cable. Launch iTunes and right click your iPhone in the left panel. Select “Back Up” from the right-click menu.

Reset and wipe: Remove your SIM card, if you have one. If you’ve got a Verizon or Sprint iPhone, call them up or go to their website to deactivate the phone. Go to Settings > Messages > iMessage and turn off iMessage. This will stop your messages from going to your old phone even after you have erased and started using a new phone. Finally, go to Settings > General > Reset and select Erase All Content and Settings. This erases all of your content so you can safely sell your device, or give away as a gift.

This guide is by no means exhaustive (for a full rundown go to Apple’s website) but we hope you found it helpful in getting accustomed to your new iPhone.

Don’t forget, if you just upgraded to the new iPhone 5 you can sell your old iPhone at ExchangeMyPhone and make your week even better.

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