One down, lots more to go….

We ran our first phone drive last Wednesday at the Eco-Rama put on by The Brooklyn New School.

It was boiling hot outside. Lots of kids came to peek in to our phone recycling box. Some amazing parents came to say hi and drop off their phones to be recycled. We handed out lots of pre-paid envelopes so everyone had the option to pop their phones in the postbox when they got home.

After school mayhem in Carroll Gardens

We were digging the poster that the kids made for us

We had loads of help from the one of the amazing mums, Amy Plattsmier, and our friend Mike who was on holiday in New York and got roped in to taking photos.

We are running the phone drive until the end of the school year. Then we’ll count up what the phones are worth and send the money raised to the school.

If you are interested in raising money for your school, hospital, charity, church etc let us know. We would love to work with you! Check out our fundraising page here. You can contact us via our website or send me an email at

Phone drives can be incredibly profitable for you and we think they’re much easier, and a lot less messy, than running a bake sale.

We’re going back to school!

Brooklyn New School to be exact (known as BNS by the cool kids).

Seeing as we are based in Brooklyn, we wanted to get involved with our local community. So we reached out to one of the elementary schools in our ‘hood.

BNS is a great place and a very green school. They even have a green committee who were granted funding to open an Eco-casita outdoor classroom next week. The parents talk about composting, share vegetable growing techniques and often cycle to school on their bikes. The kids are more environmentally conscious than most of the adults we know.

So we have partnered with their green committee to host a phone drive fundraiser for the school. The best part is that all of the money they raise from donating their used and broken cell phones to be recycled goes back into the school. What could be better?

The idea is really simple and refreshingly low-tech. There is a real life brown box (recycled, of course) in their main office, and posters throughout the school. The parents and teachers can drop their unwanted phones into the box any time in the next week (it has a hole cut out the top, small enough that nimble fingers can’t reach in). Then the school is hosting a sustainability fair next Wednesday (June 15th), called ‘Eco-Rama’, and we will be there to answer any questions and take in any final phones to be recycled.

Once the phone drive is finished we will take them back to our office, assess the value of the phones and send all of the money raised back to BNS to be used however they see fit.

The newer the phone models the more money they are worth but all the phones that are donated will be wiped of their data, and responsibly recycled or found a second home. Good for the environment and good for the community…win win.

We could not be more excited about our first fundraising phone drive. We are keen to expand into communities around New York and the rest of the country. So, if you want to raise money for your school, charity, church, hospital etc, just let us know and we’ll make it happen.