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Welcome to the blog at ExchangeMyPhone

Posted on June 08, 2011

First, I should introduce myself. I’m Jeremy Cohen, founder of ExchangeMyPhone, and I’ll be your host. I’ll be writing on here with our Creative Director, Katherine Preston.

We hope to do four things on this blog. First, we want to keep you informed on the best ways to sell and recycle your old cell phones. Second, we want to deliver reported features on emerging re-use trends. Third, we want to highlight the importance of literacy and the goings on in our One for One Book Project. Finally, we are using this as a forum to chronicle the ups and downs as we start our green business from scratch in Brooklyn, New York.

This blog is about creating a community of people who like technology but see the importance of recycling their old phones responsibly and want to give back.

Spring felt like an ideal time to launch this blog and our website. A time for new beginnings, a time when the city starts to look a little greener and a time when we have all been known to decide to spring clean and save up for a summer vacation. We want ExchangeMyPhone to be the easiest, fastest and most profitable place to recycle old and broken cell phone.

So, bookmark us, put us in your RSS reader, follow us on Twitter and Facebook, or just keep coming back. And along the way, let us know what you think — by commenting on stories, sending me an email at, or talking to us on Facebook and Twitter.

We would love to hear from you!

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