Who We Are

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Jeremy Cohen


I grew up working in my dad's used bookstore in Chicago and took to entrepreneurship early with serious lemonade stands from the age of 5. During college I worked multiple jobs in order to save up enough money to buy and renovate houses. I've always been fascinated by tech and, having spent my life immersed in re-use and renovation, Katherine and I moved to Brooklyn in early 2011 to launch ExchangeMyPhone. I had seen the dangers of toxic e-waste landfills and researched ways to either extend the lifecycle of electronics or responsibly recycle them. I decided to focus on phones because I wanted to start with one electronic device (before expanding our supply) and everyone I knew had a cell phone graveyard somewhere in their house.

Outside of work I go hiking whenever I can, play sports and cook up a mean apple pie. At the end of the day I feel very lucky to be living in a city I love and working with a great team.

Katherine Preston

Creative Director

Having worked in both journalism and asset management in London, I moved to America to write a book. As I was doing my research, fate intervened - I met Jeremy and we decided to launch ExchangeMyPhone whilst road-tripping across the country together. I knew that I could bring my writing skills to good use and, having worked in the corporate world, I wanted to create a different kind of business that was entirely customer orientated and approachable. As a young business we knew that we wanted to give back to people as well as helping the environment. Growing up I volunteered with a friend's charity in Kenya and I was thrilled to make ExchangeMyPhone a one-stop destination for charitable giving as well as reuse.

You can often find me editing my book (www.katherinepreston.com), biking around Brooklyn and making far too many cups of tea.

We love to talk about the story behind ExchangeMyPhone & we welcome conversations with journalists, bloggers and members of the media.

Drop us a line anytime. You can reach our founders at hello@exchangemyphone.com or call us on (212) 804-7270.